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Fusio India is facilitating discussion, support, and sharing of valuable information, for instance: issues start-up face, what could go wrong, experience of being at investor desk, how to do big in “start-up” budget , for turning dreams into rewarding money-spinning realities via DREAM HIGH.
Dream High is for start-up businesses, business owners looking to expand or people looking to start their own business. We invite Entrepreneurs around the globe to ask questions, share tips and useful information, express gratitude and help other members. Remember Dream High is all about building relationships.
Dream high showcases your start-up and its unique concept, to be accessed by investors.
The dreamers of today, the creator of tomorrow, let you fears be heard, let your success be celebrated, let your dreams turn into reality!
For Reaching those Heights,
Not only Act but Dream,
Not only Hope but Believe,
Dream - Believe - Strategize - Achieve - Dream Again - Dream High!

Project Description an online education portal is a one-stop solution for all the education related requirements of a students.

USP: Providing complete education for overall development of students [K-12, Entrance Exams] including extracurricular activities classes [Guitar, Drums etc.], Language Classes [Mandarin, German, French, Spanish etc.], G.K., Aptitude, Communication Skills Classes. Career counsellors Support, can search for best school and colleges with details.

Project Details

  • Client: Scholars Learning
  • Status: In talks with Investors
  • Skills: Website Design & Development, Branding & Graphics, 2D Content Development, Online Promotion etc.
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Project Description

The Juicebar & café [] promotes consuming health drinks: soups, juices & smoothies and healthier versions of fast food, replacing tea & coffee.

USP: Provide tailored health drinks according to choices and ailments. Promoting health with pure, hygienic & sugar free versions, The Juicebar & café is catering health with taste.

Project Details

  • Client: The Juicebar & café
  • Status: Seeding
  • Skills: Website Design & Development, Branding & Graphics, Advertising & Promotion.
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Project Description

Fresh food India’s venture Box meal caters fresh & healthy meal packages round the clock online.

Project Details

  • Client: Box Meal India
  • Status: Undergoing legal works for Investment
  • Skills: Branding & Graphics, Advertising & Promotion.
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